Serge de Gosson de Varennes is a french Ph.D in mathematics specialized in Symplectic Geometry that has been working as a senior analyst for the past years. As a senior analyst he has specialized in methods applied in modern health care, such as predictive modelling of patients’ risks to be on long sick-leaves and artificial neural networks to identify different groups of patients with different needs.

Prior to that he worked for the Swedish Social Insurance Agency with pension related problems as well as with benefit fraud issues. Serge has a passion for solving complicated problems of all kind and is very keen on learning new techniques to reach desired goals. He also makes it his mission to spread his knowledge in an intelligible and pedagogical manner.

Serge is the creator, publisher and administrator of, a blog that aims at making analytics available to both novices and experts as well as showing the width of the Sopra Steria Sweden analytics team.


I am working as data analyst and cloud architect at Sopra Steria. I see myself as a pragmatic programmer and thrive when building neat solutions using various techniques, it has therefore become my role in the team to explore new tools and techniques in order to deliver value to our customers.

I hope to contribute to the blog via hands-on descriptions for how to solve real-world problems, mainly by using Azure components or in my favorite programming language, R.






Elizaveta is a data analyst with a background in medicine, health economics and data science. Her main areas of interest are Business Intelligence and SQL Server-development. Prior to joining Sopra Steria’s team Elizaveta had several years work experience of data analysis in pharmaceutical industry.



Johan is a data analyst with a background in materials science. He is currently working with data warehousing and business intelligence. He is a passionate python programmer, and before starting at Sopra Steria he was working in academia studying materials using quantum mechanical methods. He has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics.



Micael is an information analyst in computer science, GIS and social networks. He has done work for both government and private management on topics such as security, insurance, logistics and behavioral patterns. In his arsenal of tools, Python has a reserved central place.

micael stark


Fredrik is a data analyst holdning a Master’s degree in Mechatronics with a minor in data science. He has previously been involved in projects analyzing communication patterns of employees and building classification models for breast cancer tumors. When the latest Python script runs without errors or when tired battling DAX commands Fredrik is an active member of Sopra Steria’s Photography group.



Hampus is a data analyst with a background in Mechanical engineering and applied math. He is currently working with data warehousing and business intelligence. He is passionate about statistical modelling, from simple dice probability to deep learning. Beyond that, Hampus is a huge sports fan that one day dreams of combining statistical modelling with sports.


Christian OLSSON

Christian is a data scientist at Sopra Steria and a former management consultant working with IT project management. His main areas of interest are data analytics and machine learning. In his role as a consultant, he works on how to implement advanced analytics in areas where it might not be considered industry standard yet.


Daniel is passionate about working with and analyzing data from a problem-solving perspective. Figuring out what problem to solve, what data is needed and how to get hold of it, analyzing the data and, most importantly, presenting the results to business stakeholders and driving the impact. His work is focused on the intersection between business development and advanced analytics.


Anders Björling is senior data analyst at SopraSteria. He works with customer segmentation, A/B-testing, machine learning, churn modeling, data visualization, simulation, algorithm development etc. He holds a master’s degree in engineering physics from Chalmers University of Technology.



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