How long is an Eternity?

I once heard about an old Arabic definition of eternity. The definition was: “Imagine a pyramid in the desert, a thousand meters high, a thousand meters long and a thousand meters wide, made of pure diamond. Every thousand years, a small bird comes by and pecks at the pyramid [once]. When the pyramid is gone,... Continue Reading →

A Data Scientist’s take on Process Improvement

Two terms that rarely stand together: data analytics and process improvement. I started my career in project management and process improvement (Lean), and in my time as management consultant and data scientist, I have found myself multiple times in peculiar situations. The standard scenario is that our client is trying to solve problems on a... Continue Reading →

Tweets – short on characters, high on information

The following blog post is a joint venture between Fredrik SCHALLING and Hampus PETTERSSON. For more information about the authors, please see our Authors section. Introduction Customer experience has since long been measured through actively reaching out in customer surveys through phone calls or questionnaires to get the current satisfaction of customers. Now good businesses... Continue Reading →

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