Visualization of data with maps

As a child I spent hours looking at atlases and desk globes. I was fascinated and dreamt myself away to all corners of the world....and I have today travelled and lived in most of the places I was dreaming of. Today, as an analyst, I enjoy combining data about different countries and I have found... Continue Reading →

The customer is always right….

....a brute force method to analyze customer reviews Two travellers headed for the same final destination but booked on different flights, one is satisfied and the other can't stop swearing about the service and that the airline couldn't do it's job properly. Who hasn't heard this one before? This could of course be isolated unfortunate... Continue Reading →

Estimation through simulation

I recently came across a question from one of my retail clients that I took great pleasure in solving. It was interesting to me both because of the clear usefulness of retrieving the answer for my client and also for the brainteasing nature of the problem. In this post I’m going to share both the... Continue Reading →

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